Our Friendly Staff

It’s great to bank with people you know and trust. At Bippus State Bank, you are always greeted by friendly familiar faces. We know our customers and pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service to Bippus, Roanoke, Andrews, Markle, Huntington, Warren, North Manchester, Wabash and beyond! Learn more about the many bank officers, branch managers, board members, and more that make this level of service possible.

  • Executive Management & Bank Officers

    • Ryan Warner

      Ryan Warner

      President Chief Executive Officer

    • David Cunningham, CPA

      David Cunningham, CPA

      Chief Financial Officer

    • Randall Prange

      Randall Prange

      Chief Information Officer

    • Eric Fawcett

      Eric Fawcett

      Executive Vice President Head of Lending

    • Annette Ayres

      Annette Ayres

      Senior Vice President North Manchester Branch Manager

    • Kay Caley

      Kay Caley

      Vice President Huntington Main Branch Manager

    • Adam Fusselman

      Adam Fusselman

      Vice President

    • Cheryl Marley

      Cheryl Marley

      Vice President

    • Wayne McLaughlin

      Wayne McLaughlin

      Vice President Huntington South Branch Manager

    • Mat Quickery

      Mat Quickery

      Vice President Roanoke Branch Manager

    • Billy Winter

      Billy Winter

      Vice President

    • Debra Hoffman

      Debra Hoffman

      Secretary to the Board Compliance Officer Internal Auditor Loan Review Officer

    • Erin Carter

      Erin Carter

      Marketing Officer

  • BSB Investments

    • Rick Pearl

      Rick Pearl

      Financial Consultant BSB Investments

    • Doug Shepler

      Doug Shepler

      Financial Consultant BSB Investments

    • Joni Sharkey

      Joni Sharkey

      Client Relations Manager BSB Investments

  • Board of Directors

    • Ryan Johnson

      Ryan Johnson

      Owner Johnson Petroleum, Inc.

    • Steve Mason

      Steve Mason

      Vice Chairman of the Board Commercial Lines Insurance Manager Insurance Services

    • Kenny Rupley

      Kenny Rupley

      Chairman of the Board Owner Rupley Farm Equipment

    • Chris Stephan

      Chris Stephan

      Owner Stephan DRP, Inc.

    • Ryan Warner

      Ryan Warner

      President The Bippus State Bank Bippus State Corporation

    • Matt Wilcox

      Matt Wilcox

      Owner Apollo Caster, Inc.

    • Joe Wiley

      Joe Wiley

      Attorney Bowers, Brewer, Garrett, & Wiley