Bippus State Bank Recognizes Years of Service

Posted on Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Bippus State Bank would like to recognize ten employees who have reached years of service milestones in 2012.  Patty Fawcett, Main Office Teller, 40 years; Randy Prange, Chief Information Officer, 20 years; Deb Hoffman, Board Secretary & Compliance Officer, 15 years; Marilyn Sonner, Vice President, 15 years; Marla Johnson, Main Office Teller, 10 years; Cheryl Marley, Vice President & Mortgage Officer, 10 years; Wayne McLaughlin, Vice President & South Office Branch Manager, 10 years; Adam Fusselman, Assistant Vice President & Mortgage/Loan Officer, 5 years; Meghan Kline, Main Office Teller, 5 years; Mat Quickery, Vice President & Roanoke Branch Manager, 5 years.  Thank you for your years of service at BSB!

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